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Structured Support Network:

Provides support systems for new arrivals, including assistance with integration, finding housing, and accessing services.
Cultural Preservation and Promotion: Organizes cultural events and traditional celebrations that help preserve and promote the community’s heritage, such as Liberia’s Independence Day celebration and historical symposiums.

Advocacy and Representation: Represents the community’s interests to local governments and other institutions, connects with other greater community organizations, and shows members where to find help. LIBAC provides food, clothing, cash assistance as well as transportation for needy members to doctor visits.

Social Cohesion and Networking:

Organizes social events and networking opportunities that help strengthen bonds among members. LIBAC hosts family fun days, bringing together the youth and elders, and runs the Palava Hut program to educate members in cultural activities. The association also organizes soccer and basketball tournaments to foster community engagement.

Educational and Informational Resources:

Provides educational programs, workshops, and informational resources to help community members navigate life in a new country, including legal advice and career guidance. Partnering with the International House, LIBAC educates members about immigration issues and recognizes graduates to encourage educational achievements.
Collective Voice and Unity: Unifies the community, providing a collective voice and fostering a sense of belonging and identity.