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We invite you to learn about the rich Liberian history, culture and heritage. On this page, you will learn about the past and present history of Liberia as well as major development in the current affairs of the country.

Liberia, past & present

The Latest “Tea” on the 26th!

Okay my people, so have you heard about the events that’s about to go down in the Liberian Community for Liberia’s Independence Day? Well, look no further because I’ve got all the tea here for you to sip! It’s gonna be hot so sip slowly. The Liberian Community...

The Geez on All Things 26th

My Pepo, WELCOME TO THE  “ALL THINGS 26th” BLOG! LIBAC’s Publicity Committee (LPC) welcomes you to the special addition blog just in time for the 26th! Do you want to be “inside things”? Then come on board as we take you on an exciting journey to Liberian Independence...

3 ways the LIBAC Business Directory can help community businesses

3 ways the LIBAC Business Directory can help community businesses

Simply put, the LIBAC Business directory was built to help raise funds for the community flagship project, our own Community Center. We also built the LIBAC Business Directory with the success of our local businesses in mind. Here are 3 ways the LIBAC Business...

COVID-19 Video

COVID-19 Video

The COVID-19 crisis has totally altered how we live, in a very short time. The health implications associated with the disease are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Here is a short video put together to simply explain how the virus is spread. We hope that...