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As a paying member of LIBAC, you will be entitled to many benefits including utilizing the community’s technology platform to broadcast your events and important announcements. You will also help to play a  key role in moving the community forward and achieving it’s vision. Thanks for your support!

Membership Dues

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Please use the form below to update or submit your member’s profile. If you prefer using a paper form, please download it here.

It is not necessary for both spouses to fill the form, if you are a married couple living together. One person can fill out the form for both spouses.

Membership Form

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This section is completely optional and will not be shared with anyone outside of LIBAC's leadership. Having pertinent information can help the organization in local civic and governmental negotiations.

Membership FAQs

What do I get for paying my dues?

As a paying member of LIBAC you get many benefits including:

  • Free events posting and publicity
  • Free announcements posting (including obituary of a deceased loved one)
  • On-demand access to LIBAC’s financial records
  • Benevolence and support during certain troubled circumstances
How is my dues payment being used?

A portion of your dues payment is used to drive operational expenses of LIBAC like costs of fundraisers, maintaining the website and technology platforms, and stationery and office supplies for normal activities and general assembly meetings. Other portions of your dues payment go towards  benevolent activities like supporting bereaved families and helping members in critical needs. A small portion of your dues payment goes towards supplementing funds for the Community Center Project.

How often do I pay dues?

Membership dues are $5 per month. However, you can make a one-time yearly payment of $50.

Why is some of my personal information needed?

We need certain information like name, address, phone number, and email to keep members informed of what’s happening in the community. Other information like marital status, date of birth, family, etc. is needed to keep an accurate census of the community. We may request information like immigration status, employment, and educational level. This type of information is vital for the community to strategically impact local and civic initiatives, as well as design programs to cater to specific segments within the community.