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Good day family. I just wanted to reach out and thank each and everyone of you for coming out on Saturday to make our family fun day such a huge success.
A big thank you to our event team, the Social Committee and the Planning Committee for such hard work. It takes a lot to put up a program like this, especially if you want to make it successful and enjoyable for your community. I am not going to call names but you know yourselves . All of you who prepared food, did shopping, the cleanup crew, those that were serving, on the grill and had to run around to get things in place to make this happen. I was impressed with your commitment and dedication to your community.
Together we are powerful and we can achieve a lot. Thank you so much for all that you do. And for those who just attended, thank you for coming out. To all of those that donated money, games, drinks and your time, a big thank you. I know the rain was a factor, but you braved it and came out to share in such a beautiful time with members of your community.



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