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LIBAC is short for the Liberian Community Association of (Greater) Charlotte. LIBAC is a civic non-political 501(c)3 organization formed to cater to the well-being of the 3,000 plus Liberians living in Charlotte and surrounding communities.
We are encouraging Liberians in and around Charlotte to join us in contributing their voices, talents, and resources to forward the cause of the organization.

LIBAC intends to create a vibrant community, which unites Liberians and creates an all-inclusive atmosphere for members, regardless of age, ethnic background, social status, or education.
Our ultimate goal is to build a community center that will showcase the richness of the Liberian history and culture. The community center will also be used as a resource to cater to the well-being of senior citizens, youths, and young adults.

We are the Liberian Community Association of Greater Charlotte (LIBAC). Our vision is to unify and empower Liberians living in the Charlotte metropolitan area by bringing awareness of the Liberian culture, harnessing the pool of talents within the community, and utilizing our combined resources for the greater good of the community.