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Liberian Community Association of Metropolitan Charlotte

General Election for 2024-2026 Term

Election Date:              October 22, 2023
Application Deadline:  October 15, 2023

– All Executive Positions are contested

Please refer to Election Guidelines for more details on Eligibility
Application Process
– Letter of Application/ Intent
– Two letters of references
– Financial Clearance
– 2 Years of Background check Report

Please submit all application in one package to [email protected] or in person

Voters Eligibility
– 18 years of Age
– Dues should be current and a register
– Should attend at least 1/4 of the regular
general meetings or Organization function

Election Date: October 22, 2023
Deadline for all Application October 15, 2023
Elections Guidelines:

The following elections guidelines is in sync with the constitution of LIBAC shall constitute the rules & regulations governing LIBAC General Elections for Executive – President, Vice President, Secretary General, Financial Secretary, Treasury, Parliamentarian and Chaplain.


Any candidate(s) wishing to contest in the up-coming special elections must be cleared of any condition that proves linkages to LIBAC prior to the date their application is submitted. A letter of clearance signed to this effect by the current president of LIBAC must accompany this application (LIBAC) and is freed of all auditing inquiries.

LIBAC Voting System shall be a straight-ticket election process




All prospective candidate must be a Liberian who is resident of the Greater Metropolitan Charlotte Area for two (2) more years and must possess a valid NC DMV License or ID as proof of residence.

Candidates must be 21 years old or older and have a minimum of an associate degree, equivalence or relevant working or business experience.

Candidates should be cleared of all financial indebtedness to the Association; such clearance
must be signed by the Financial Secretary or president.

Additionally, candidates must have been prior due paying members in good standing and actively involved in a core committee for at least ninety (90) days.

Candidates must have no questionable conduct that is under investigation.

Candidates must meet all other eligibility requirement as outlined in the constitution of LIBAC.

All candidate registration fees payments must be made to the Financial Secretary, and they can present financial clearance from the financial secretary of LIBAC indicating good financial standing with the organization.

All current officers of LIBAC wishing to contest any position must first resign by submitting a formal letter to the board chair prior to declaring intent for any position. This is to avoid conflict of interest situations in the leadership.


Candidates wishing to occupy any of the above-mentioned positions MUST apply by submitting a package with the following documents and references:

1. A Written Application letter stating position, including consent of the candidate understanding of the Constitution of LIBAC and is FULLY knowledgeable of the provisions of the position they now seek.

2. Two letters of references (one personal or community organizations)

3. Financial Clearance – Receipt indicating payment records of update to day membership dues to LIBAC.

4. Copy of a criminal background report covering 2 years up to date of application (constitution mentioned only good moral standing) Candidates shall submit application documents along with the pre-requisite information as stated in by the election commission guidelines all at once (NO PARTIAL APPLICATION)


Voting shall be opened to all full certified due paying members of the Association who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as determined by the membership definition ascribed in LIBAC Constitution.

Candidates must meet some the voter’s eligibility requirement as outlined in the Constitution of LIBAC stated below.

The voting age shall be eighteen years (18) or over. – ID must be presented during voting.

Regular members’ dues should be current within the fiscal year.

He or she should attend at least 1/4 of the regular general meetings


The General elections shall be held on October 22, 2023

Polls shall be opened at the appropriate time when declared, and shall remain opened until such time as declared closed by the chairman of the elections commission or his/her designate.


Campaign period shall commence immediately following a candidate clearance by the commission and shall end at the casting of the last vote. This opportunity will help prospective candidates to consult with people before they make a decision.

Election Method of Voting:

Voting shall be done by secret balloting.

Voting shall be done during a general meeting and counted by the elections commission.

Voting is done in person (No Virtual)


The counting of the ballots shall commence immediately following the voting of the last accredited voter and the closure of the polls on the designated elections day.

The Results of the Elections shall be announced immediately by the commission’s chair following the counting of the ballots.


Any and all concerns and/or complaints arising from this Elections, and or the results of said elections must first be filed (written) with the Elections Commissions within twenty-four (24) hours following the pronouncement and verification of the Results of the Elections.

Ruling on Complaints shall be made at least seven days after the complaint is filed with the Elections Commission. Parties and/or contestants, candidates, individuals dissatisfied with the ruling of the Elections Commission on the Complaint filed, shall petition the Grievance Committee for redress.


Candidates shall not be allowed to write, publish, and/or say anything profane,
scandalous, and/or assassinate the character of any other candidate in these Elections. Any Candidate exhibiting such behavior shall be disqualified from contesting these elections. Any Candidate submitting false document to meet the Election Guidelines will be disqualified.

Mr. Oyeti Hoskins
Chairman, Election Commission
Signed: __________________
Board Chairman

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