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If you are a local buiness owner, we are welcoming you to subscribe to the LIBAC Online Business Directory. Our business directory is meant to promote and drive traffic to local businesses in Charlotte and Liberian owned businesses, while raising funds for the community center project.

The annual cost to subscribe to the LIBAC Online Business Directory is $100 for commercial businesses or $50 for nonprofits and religious organizations (there is a 50% special for a limited time only). When you subscribe, your buiness will be listed in the directory and become searchable on the website. We will also list your business as a partner, shown on the front page of the website, and listed in publications at key events.

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Great News!

For a limited time, all registrations to the LIBAC business directory is half price! Commercial businesses pay $50. Nonprofits and religious organizations pay $25. Take advantage of this opportunity while the offer last!