3 ways the LIBAC Business Directory can help community businesses

Simply put, the LIBAC Business directory was built to help raise funds for the community flagship project, our own Community Center. We also built the LIBAC Business Directory with the success of our local businesses in mind. Here are 3 ways the LIBAC Business Directory can help grow your business:

Web Presence

With the emergence of technology and web-based activities, it is essential that businesses maintain an online presence. At the very least, businesses should have a way for people to contact them or get to their places of operation. While it is true that some businesses can afford a budget to build and maintain a website, it is also true that most of our community businesses cannot afford a website or don’t have the technology know-how to maintain an online presence. This is why we designed a community business directory to help out our community business owners.

The LIBAC Business Directory has a robust search engine that helps visitors easily find the specific category of business that they are looking for. Once a business is found, visitors can see relevant contact and location information for the business by visiting it’s personalized landing page.

Social Media Integration

We have all seen the explosion of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) platforms in the last few years. A huge portion of business marketing and lead generation occur on one or more of the major social media platforms. The LIBAC Business Directory provides an excellent opportunity for our community businesses to advertise and engage with the vast population of social media users. The social media integration feature allows you to share your business on top social media platforms, with the potential of reaching thousands of new customers.

Rating and Reviews

Nowadays, the average online shopper wants to know what others are saying about businesses products or services before committing to a transaction. Even with brick and mortar (physical) businesses, potential customers want to research other customers’ experience in order to be informed prior to visiting the business. The LIBAC Business Directory has a full-featured rating and reviews system to help showcase our best community businesses, while keeping visitors informed and building a healthy competition amongst all businesses.

What are you waiting for?

Join other businesses like Wotokar African Market, Deekos African Market, and Wallah Richardson, who are already taking advantage of the LIBAC Business Directory.